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The practical and versatile notebook, soft and colorful that fits into everyone's life and pockets. Recognizable by its unique horizontal closure. Ciak is a handmade product in Italy, without animal derivatives.

Best Sellers
  1. Daily Diary - Ciak Vogue
    Daily Diary - Ciak Vogue
    As low as €17.50
  2. Daily Diary - Ciak Faces
    Daily Diary - Ciak Faces
    As low as €18.50
  3. Dotted Notebook - Ciak Visual
    Dotted Notebook - Ciak Visual
    As low as €8.90
  4. Vertical Weekly Diary - Ciak Classic
    Vertical Weekly Diary - Ciak Classic
    As low as €18.90
Because Everybody Notes.

Because Everybody Notes.

Our sustainable vision

Ciak has always supported the environment, helping to create a positive impact on the world around us, starting from the use of biodegradable and FSC certified recycled paper for all its diaries and notebooks. In particular, our Think Natural and Eco lines are designed and manufactured with minimal environmental impact throughout the entire production chain. Each product is the result of careful research, care and respect for the environment: cellulose fibers and natural latex, colored cotton paper, scraps of real leather and natural adhesives dress our diaries, for a unique and 100% green result.

About us

All Ciak products are made in Florence by our artisans who make Made in Italy a real added value and not just a matter of prestige. In a system of industrial and standardized production, Ciak continues to choose the quality of the historic artisan tradition and its place of origin, the work ethic and the direct control of all processing phases.